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How we picked Packergy as the best Clear Poly Tubing supplier

When we surveyed suppliers of clear poly tubing we expected there to be small differences
between the competition. We were surprised to find a leader in this unassuming supplier of
clear poly tubing
, poly bags, and packaging materials. Packergy was, well, low
priced and EASY
. We love their live chat feature – one click and we could get an instant
answer to our questions about clear poly tubing without the hassles of talking to someone.
When we did call them, the line was answered by an English speaking person who was friendly
and incredibly knowledgeable. Unlike the competition, their account rep. gave more than one
word answers – they asked what we using it for and gave recommendations to sizing and
saving money. Their site, while not glamorous (neither was the their competition), was very
easy to navigate and their selection was 30% to 50% larger than anyone else we surveyed.

***UPDATE*** 3/1/2013
Packergy took a jump over their competition by adding a 30 day money back guarantee. We like this a lot – so much so that we replaced one of our categories to include whether a supplier has a guarantee. We hope to see other suppliers up the ante.

Did our winner really deserve 5 Stars? How did you determine the ratings?

Our rating system was determined by researching the market for the best suppliers of clear poly tubing. Once we found our winner in any one category, they were assigned a 5 Star rating. Then we rated the competition in that category in relation to the category winner. If a competitor came very close to the winner’s performance in that category, we gave them an equal rating in stars. When a merchant receives a 5 Star rating it does not necessarily mean that they have no room for improvement, but rather that they were judged to be or meet the highest standards we observed in that category.




Many of you have requested that we expand our reviews in the poly bag arena, and we have!

We’ve created a site, just like this one, about ziplock bags.
Please visit our sister site to see our reviews of the best ziplock bags companies. And, if you’re a distributor, don’t be afraid to request a site review (that is, unless your site is really bad!)

Clear Poly Tubing, or Poly Tubing on Rolls continues increase as a popular alternative to clear poly bags, but have you bought them online?

Are you a traditional buyer of clear poly tubing, clear poly bags and other plastic bags?  If so, you may never have bought clear poly tubing online.

If so, you may have some questions:

  • How do I find stores online for clear poly tubing?
  • Can some of these polyethylene tubing suppliers rip me off?
  • What factors are important when choosing a company supplying clear poly tubing on rolls?
  • How do I find the cheapest clear poly tubing?

These are all important questions that need to be asked before making a large purchase online.  Lets attempt to answer them here:

How do I find stores online for clear poly tubing?

Well, if you’ve found this article, you’ve probably done a search on Google or some other search engine, and that’s a good start, but how do you know which store to pick?  Are the stores in the ads better than the other ones?  Is the store at the top of the list the best?

Well, no.  Here’s the deal…when you do a search on Google you’ll see some ads appear at the top and at the side.  If you’re new to the internet you may not know that someone paid for the ad you see on clear poly tubing.  Google “adwords” is one of the fastest ways to get your product seen.  Just plug in an ad, the search term you want, and with enough money, Google will place your ad near the top of the search page.  And the stores that come up first on the “organic” search results?  Well, if they’re number one, there’s a good bet that they are “relevent” to your search term, but there’s no guarantee, or even indication that they are a good clear poly tubing supplier.  In fact, there’s a small chance that they could be a “spammer” – someone using “black hat” search engine tricks to get to the top of the list.

Can some of these clear polyethylene tubing suppliers rip me off?

You bet!  Treat clear polyethylene tubing internet stores like you do regular walk in stores to be sure they’re real.

Ask yourself:

Does the site look professional?

Can you find a physical address that’s in a reputable country? (you may need to look under “contact”_

Do they have an 800# to contact them?  If you’re not sure about the site, you may want to call them and see if someone who really knows what they’re doing answers.

What factors are important when choosing a company supplying clear poly tubing on rolls?

  1. Do they have a contact number, preferably a 1-800 number, clearly posted?
  2. Does the poly tubing distributor have a secure check out?  When you’ve added items to your “basket” and proceed to “check out”, look at the sites URL, or address located near the top of your browser.  If you’re in “secure” check out mode, the URL should start with “https” not “http” the added “s” indicates it’s secure.  If it’s not secure, it’s possible that someone could intercept your credit card information.  Legitimate website stores will have a secure checkout.
  3. Does the site have a security certificate indicating that it’s been tested by a company like Trust-Guard with PCI Scanning to protect your website from hackers and vulnerabilities?  Does it have a privacy seal indicating your personal information is secure and won’t be sold?  Security certificates on clear poly tubing sites are not only an indication that the company is legitimate, but that your information is safe.
  4. Does the clear poly tubing company have “Live Chat”?  Live Chat allows you to “speak” to them by clicking on a button. A window opens and allows you to ask them questions without calling them.  This a super feature – I use it all the time on all sorts of sites.  Typically, your wait time for live chat is little to none and you can get right down to the point without the necessities of engaging them in conversation.
  5. What is their return policy? A polyethylene supplier should have a clearly stated return policy somewhere on their site.  Because the shipping on this type of packaging material is expensive, you should expect to pay for shipping both ways unless there is a mistake on their part.  Be sure you know what you’re ordering and have the order right.
  6. Do they have a large inventory?  Large inventories take time to build and indicates that they probably have a relationship with more than one supplier.  These are indications of a company that’s been around a while and is able to keep relationships with multiple suppliers.
  7. Is it easy to find what you want?  We were amazed at how difficult it was to find anything at some of the poly tubing websites we visited.  If it takes more than a minute to find what you want, leave the site or if it’s something unusual, use Live Chat or call the website’s 1-800# (if you can find it).

How do I find the cheapest clear poly tubing?

Whether you’re making a one time purchase or will continue to use a website to buy clear poly tubing on a regular basis, be careful in picking the cheapest supplier.  Anyone experienced in buying packaging material like clear polyethylene bags or tubing can tell you that you may not get what you ordered.  It’s not uncommon to find “rip off” suppliers who “short” your orders. Are you going to count your 10,000 clear poly bags?  Are you going to measure your 500 ft. roll of clear poly tubing? How will you know you’re not getting ripped off?  Well, you won’t.  That’s why it’s important to find a supplier who’s cheap, but reputable and has the qualities we talked about earlier in this article.

While there’s no simple way to always know who the cheapest supplier is, when you look around, you’ll want to be sure you’re comparing “apples with apples”.  Look at the size, length, thickness (mil), and quantity of the clear poly tubing.  You might also want to check out the shipping charges.

Who do you recommend?

Clear Poly Tubing Reviews reviewed over 50 clear poly tubing suppliers in 2009 and listed several of the sites that come up in a Google search in our 2013 Clear Poly Tubing Review.  See the review for more details, or go right to our winning supplier, Packergy.com

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by Soleil Walters

Clear poly tubing, a typical phrase for Polyethylene Tubing, can be utilized to pack varied items. It comes in long rolls that are trimmed to the desired length. It can be used as a loose protective sleeve around a product or it can be sealed on both ends. If a heat sealer is used to seal it, it should have a cutter blade to trim the end for the next item.

It exhibits a high degree of inertness, making it good for use in markets such as food and beverage products, laboratories, and chemical processing where permeability or leaching would present risks. It can handle a wide variety of functions ranging from potable water feed to drain lines to pneumatic signal lines used in instrumentation.

Clear poly tubing is made out of low-density polyethylene, which in turn is made of non-renewable resources such as crude oil and natural gas. A typical way to produce the product is through the Tubular Film Process or Blown Film Extrusion.

Polyethylene is an engineering plastic that has properties unique to it. It is lightweight but strong and durable, waterproof/resistant, chemical resistant, and mostly, its production is comparatively less expensive than other forms of packaging.   Sometimes this product is called clear polyethylene tubing in it’s finished state.

A lot of small enterprises now prefer clear poly tubing over clear poly bags and poly sheeting because of these unique and convenient properties.

Before you purchase any clear poly tubing on the internet, you should  see the studies of clear poly tubing suppliers at ClearPolyTubing.com.

Why Clear Poly Tubing?
by Johnathan Lirecox

Clear poly tubing or polyethylene tubing is widely used to pack a lot of different items. Usually, it comes in rolls that can be trimmed for when a product is to be packed.  It may be used as a loose sleeve around a product or it may be used to seal the product directly.  Heat sealers are typically used for sealing.   If a heat sealer is used, a cutter blade should be available in order to trim the tube.

A clear poly tube has the characteristic of being inert. This property makes it an ideal packaging material for leachable and permeable items such as food and beverage, chemical processing and laboratory products. Clear poly tubing can be used for pneumatic signal lines used in instrumentation, drain lines, and potable water feed.

Clear poly tubing is made out of low-density polyethylene. This is made of crude oil, natural gas, and other non-renewable resources. The most popular way to produce clear poly tubing is through blown film extrusion, or the Tubular Film Process.

Polyethylene is an engineering plastic which has properties unique to it. It is lightweight but strong and durable, waterproof/resistant, chemical resistant, and mostly, its production is comparatively less expensive than other forms of packaging.

And clear poly tubing isn’t only a less expensive packaging material, because it’s cut at the point of packaging, it also results in less waste and a more perfected packaging solution.

A lot of small enterprises now prefer clear poly tubing over clear poly bags and poly sheeting because of these unique and convenient properties.

How to Buy Clear Poly Tubing
by Cassie Truestage

Many small businesses and manufacturers looking for convenience and cost cutting advantages for their business have turned to clear poly tubing, a common phrase for Polyethylene Tubing. Clear Poly Tubing has become a fast growing alternative to clear poly bags and poly sheeting among many companies searching on the internet.

Purchasing Clear Poly Tubing

Before to visiting a website for Clear Poly Tubing you may want to become educated in deciding on a vendor.

Clear Poly Tubing is widely available on the internet from plastic bag businesses. Most manufacturers do not sell their product directly, and when they do, they sell it for a higher price. Additionally, no one manufacturer has every polyethylene product in stock. For that reason, most businesses look for quality distributors from whom to buy their clear poly tubing and bags.

Check out these guidelines to help you get the best Clear Poly Tubing out there:

* Seek a distributor that has been in business for a while. New distributors of clear poly tubing come up all the time, and if you buy the product, they may be out of business before you get it.

- You’d also want a distributor who has representatives readily available when you have to ask questions. And of course, the representative has to be very knowledgeable in the field. Big companies would usually put a knowledgeable representative first when deciding with which vendor to do business.

* Buy your clear poly tubing from a company you can trust. Our expert says that there are many high quality poly bags and clear poly tubing from Chinese and Indian businesses, but most buyers do not have a good experience with a manufacturer or distributor from those countries who often disguise themselves as a United States based business. Only when the unknowing purchaser contacts the distributor with a question or problem do they find out that the distributor has little knowledge of the product and because of the language difference, can’t adequately communicate with them.

* Try and locate a distributor that you can form a relationship with. When you need to purchase something different, like custom poly bags, you don’t want to have to do the research and testing that’s required to find a great distributor. For that reason, it’s good to find a company with a large selection of clear poly tubing and poly bags.

Picking the Best Clear Poly Tubing Dealer
by Clair Shortstage

Clear poly tubing, a more common term for Polyethylene Tubing, is rapidly becoming a cheaper alternative to clear poly bags and poly sheeting. Many small businesses and manufacturers seeking convenience and cost cutting ways have found that clear poly tubing is their best bet in achieving both.

How to Find a Seller to Trust

The one important thing in every business and in every time a distributor is needed is to know your way around the industry. You have to know how to choose a trustwortht seller first before you even think of signing a deal with one.

It might seem convenient at first to go straight to the manufacturers for your clear poly tubing needs. But it isn’t. Most manufacturers sell their products for a higher price. This is because they do not want to compete against their own distributors. Manufacturers also don’t produce all kind of polyethylene products. This is why going to a distributor is still always the cheapest choice. They have a wider variety of poly products. Plus it’s no longer that hard to find distributors these days, what with the coming of e-commerce. Many plastic bag companies are already taking advantage of the accessibility of the internet to sell their goods.

To help you in your purchases, here are some advice in finding a distributor for your clear poly tubing needs:

- Find a distributor with a good reputation, who’s been in the industry long enough to have experience bad times. There are so many distributors out there. A lot of the new ones don’t survive a year in the industry. It is best to stick with a company that has experienced the worst but is still thriving. This ensures that you get what you need and when you need it.

- Locate a distributor that has a representative who’s an expert in the poly industry. Many big time companies take a knowledgeable representative as a number one priority in their choice of distributors. This ensures that they have someone to run to, just in case they have important questions that might make a dent in their businesses.

- There are a lot of quality clear poly tubing manufacturers and distributors from China and India. The problem with distributors from the said countries is that manufacturers and distributors from them are not experienced enough in the field. They would also typically market themselves as a US-based company. This says a lot about how much clear poly tubing production companies based on the said countries can or cannot be trusted.

- Last but not the least, you should get a distributor with a large variety of items to sell. This not only ensures that you won’t run out of clear poly tubing, but also that you won’t have to look anywhere else when you start needing a custom poly bag.